Sunday, August 17, 2014


Unfinished Projects

This week's Magazine Monday left me hanging:

The second I saw it, I saw the tears and thought of my UFP's (unfinished projects).  They have been haunting me for a while, mostly because they are taking up valuable shelf space.  I have a whole hoard of UFP's from cards, to class samples, partially finished altered books, kits and projects that got interrupted, etc.   Now, admit it, you have a few too.  I don't mind having them because it give's me something to grab and work on if I don't know what else to do (like that will ever happen), but I do want to get some of them done.  It might sound silly, but I include my Silhouette and other tools seldom used in my UFP's.  To me, if it is not being used because I haven't taken time to learn enough about it, it's a UUFP - Useless Unfinished Project.  So my Silhouette is high on the list.  That is why last week I played with my shapes and files and learned quite a bit.  The result was several cut pieces that needed to be put together. 

And that's just what I did.  Yesterday was our monthly crop and I took all those cut pieces to put together, and a couple of UFP's to play with for the day.  The bone shape treat box is for the Scor-Pal August challenge, so more about that soon.  The rest are things I cut on the Silhouette.  I love the carousel horse and the doggy wagon.  I need to decide if I should add brads for the bolts on the wagon, or maybe something else.  I'm thinking some stickles or ? on the tags too.  I made several of these so I can add a little fun to my holiday packages.  Any suggestions are welcome.  I also worked on a mini book I started about 3 years ago with Teresa Collins papers and it is looking great.  One more day and I should be done with that too.  YEA!

I had so much fun that I am going to continue to work on my unfinished projects when I can.

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Rebecca Daly said...

love how you got so many unfinished projects done!!!! love the bone box :)