Saturday, August 30, 2014

Scor-Pal Challenge

Christmas Treats for Freckles

The theme for the August Scor-Pal challenge (More than one score) is 
"Food For Thought".  There are so many ways to create a fun box for a treat, or a basket for a potluck, but I couldn't think of one thing I needed.  So I decided to make a little treat box for Freckles for Christmas.  

The box is 10" long by 1" in depth, holding a lot of treats.  Here are a few of the tricks to remember when creating an odd shape box:
After tracing and cutting out your cardstock, score along the drawn line to ensure your tabs won't tear when you fold them.  Believe me, they (the tabs) will be abused by the time you have put all the pieces together.  Because my box is rounded, I used the self healing side of my Scor-Mat to work on.  It was perfect. 

To form the sides of the box, cut strips of matching cardstock the height you want the box to be.  You should cut strips for the inside and the outside.  Be sure to use a very strong tape (I used Scor-Tape) to secure the strips to the sides.  If you want your lid to sit flat against the table, the sides should be 1/16th of an inch wider.  If that measurement scares you, just use 1/8th. 

If you haven't checked out the challenge fun at the Scor-Pal blog yet, stop by to see what the September challenge will be.

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