Monday, June 23, 2014

Quilted Triangles

Paper Crafters Corner has a weekly challenge, "Magazine Mondays" and it is always fun to see what the inspiration is.  For week 55, the inspiration photo included a lot of triangles (see below), and I immediately thought of the quilted cards we did back in the early 2000's. 

Here is the inspiration photo:

I used kids fun foam to "stuff" the quilted pieces, but you can use anything soft and dimensional.  If you've never tried this, it's fun and fairly easy.  Just start with a piece of foam to 1/2" smaller (width and height) than you want your final card.  Cut the foam into unusual shapes with four uneven sides, always putting each piece back in it's place.  You should keep your pieces large if this is the first try.  Now number your pieces on one side only.  Take a picture or draw a schematic.  Believe my, you will loose track of which piece goes where.  Now cover each piece with paper by wrapping it around the foam, leaving the number visible on the back.  Seeing the number on the back is the easiest way to ensure all your pieces are covered right side up.  Now put them back in order and mount them to an over-sized piece of cardstock.  I prefer to start with a center piece.  They will not line up perfectly, but keeping a straight edge will help, so use the paper or a ruler to keep the edge straight as you add pieces.  When you are done, cut the cardstock close to the edge and mount the entire piece to your card base.  As I was completing my card, I found the original instructions I prepared for my class and I can honestly say, now I know why I suggest never cutting triangles for this quilting technique.  Those points can be murder.  LOL!

 I hope you will give this a try and have fun.

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