Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dream Big!

In January, my friend Cheryl (former Lead Fiskateer) challenged crafters to "Dream Big"!  She suggested that we create some kind of journal or book that we can put our thoughts, ideas, pictures from magazines, or anything we wanted to include - to lead us to our big dream.  I loved the idea because I was just gearing up  to make something of our back yard.  It's a central space between our back porch and Mom's front porch, that is ugly, dusty, and down right disgusting.  Cheryl's challenge seemed the perfect way to get my ideas into one place so I could have a blue print of sorts to work with.  I've been saving "how to" articles, and pictures, etc. and thought I would share the beginning of my book with you.  

This may seem like a little dream to many, but I've waited so long to start, it really is a BIG DREAM.

The best part is I have already started.  We have a simple gazebo, I laid some pavers in front of the french doors to my studio and I've started a few plants and pots, including a lime tree.

As you can see, the pages are not finished, but are designed to keep my notes.  I started with a smash book that was partly done from a garage sale.

 What are your Big Dreams?


Nancy Carroll said...

Love this!!!!

Nancy Carroll said...

I really had fun looking at it while I tried to figure out how to post it in FB... Don't worry, it is a hidden group, so only members see it... THANKs

Marianne #6701 in AZ said...

Sandy, so cool that you took Cheryl's challenge! I wish I could tell in the pictures what it's what in your yard. Maybe I will Google Earth your address to get a better idea. I know it is not up to date, but maybe the buildings will all be in place.

I am still not crafting. My doctor and therapist (with whom I am out of visits), tell me it will still be a matter of months before my muscles are healed enough to get stronger. Right now it is just a matter of keeping them moving, so when they do completely grow back together, they can start to loosen up and getting stronger then.