Friday, August 3, 2012

Fiskateer Games

See that cute little badge to the right?  
The one that says Fiskateer Games?  

Well... the Fiskateers are having a bit of fun during the Olympics with four events of our own.  The first week, the event is Layouts and there are four possible ways to enter.  Time is short for me, so I may only have one, but here it is:

I designed this with two special pictures I have of Billie (our dog) from 1999 when she first sailed with us.  She would site atop our cabin (on the sailboat) and watch the whole world go by.  Sometimes, she even chased the pelicans, only to find it wasn't so easy to stop quickly on the deck of a fiberglass boat.  LOL!

Unfortunately, our printer gave up, so I don't have the pictures just yet.  I have a new printer ordered and hope it arrives soon.

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